Double Sided Prints - Two Pack!

Double Sided Prints - Two Pack!


Limited Opportunity to own two double-sided offset prints. These have sold quick so if you like what you see, go for it!

Each order comes with both prints pictured (keep in mind the picture is showing you both sides of the print, you will not receive four one sided prints.) One print has the cover imagery (CMYK full color) on one side, and a collage of Mr. B.C. standing pensively at a cliff on the other. The second print has the back cover imagery on one side, the colorized city shot from Chapter one, along with a collage of Mr. B.C. deciding to take a plunge from the cliff into mystery. You may ask yourself ‘Why is Mr. B.C. jumping off a cliff?’ Read Volume one to find out!

The prints are very limited, and will not be reprinted in another edition. 8.5” x 11.5”, offset, signed and editioned by Jonathan. Again, by purchasing this item you will receive both prints pictured here.

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