Two More Prints Available In Our Store!

The newest item(s) we’ve added to the store are two different double sided prints! They are full color CMYK prints, and each one comes with a different image on the front and the back. These two prints are sold together as one item so you get both prints together! This will allow you endless combinations of putting the prints up on your wall.

These prints are in very limited quantity and are signed and edition by Jonathan Jeweler. Check them out in the store to see some images. 

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Screen-Prints Now Available in Store!

We are happy to add two new items to our online store, both pieces are hand-made screen-prints by Jonathan Jeweler, check them out here

The Imagery for the prints is taken from two full art pages in Mr. B.C. Vol. One. They are called 'What?' and 'Ra'. All Prints are First edition, limited and printed on Arches Paper. 

 In the book's narrative, the first print depicts an occurrence in Chapter One that Mr. B.C. has during an out of body experience. The latter print is from chapter two and depicts a profound vision Mr. B.C. sees which helps him to realize his... (sorry, no spoilers!) The character depicted in 'Ra' is intended to appear as Sun Ra, experimental Jazz Musician and self proclaimed extraterrestrial, and the piece is dedicated to him.

Head on over to our store and select the print you want, you can also see additional pictures of the prints there as well. As always, checkout using the shopping cart icon.


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2018 So Far!

Wow! 2018 has been wild so far. We recently realized we've been more focused on our Instagram and Newsletters and that we haven't posted here on the website in a while. Here's a rundown of what we've been up to... 

In February we had an event at Empress Vintage in Berkeley, where we sold Mr. B.C. Volume One along with some new prints and posters based off art from the book! These items are a limited edition of screen-prints and will soon be available via our website, so keep an eye out! It was a great time and many friends and new people came out. We look forward to doing more events in the future, including zine-fests, book fairs, and conventions in the Bay Area and in other  locations across the West Coast! Sign up for our newsletter to keep up with our coming event schedule.

We've also been been busy researching and preparing to send media packets out to a number of publishers, we're excited to see their responses!

Thanks for your interest, we'll have more for you soon!

Release Weekend!

Mr. B.C. Volume 1 will be finally be available for in-person purchase at Max's Garage Press (1006 Pardee Street in Berkeley) for the East Bay Print Sale (on 8th, 9th, and 10th of December), entrance is free! This print show is notorious for having a massive selection of work from some of the Bay Area's most amazing artists.  Get there early to assure your copy! The weekend will end with the opening of our online store on this website Sunday the 10th! 


Jeweler & Partridge Arts
It's Official! Book Release on the Horizon!

We are excited to announce that tomorrow we will have the books and they will be ready to sell very soon! We are planning to open the online store in the first week of December! If you would like to ensure your copy of the book as soon as it is available, sign up for the newsletter! Additionally we will have our Instagram page up and running very soon. Keep an eye out for @mrbcgraphicnovel!



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