2018 So Far!

Wow! 2018 has been wild so far. We recently realized we've been more focused on our Instagram and Newsletters and that we haven't posted here on the website in a while. Here's a rundown of what we've been up to... 

In February we had an event at Empress Vintage in Berkeley, where we sold Mr. B.C. Volume One along with some new prints and posters based off art from the book! These items are a limited edition of screen-prints and will soon be available via our website, so keep an eye out! It was a great time and many friends and new people came out. We look forward to doing more events in the future, including zine-fests, book fairs, and conventions in the Bay Area and in other  locations across the West Coast! Sign up for our newsletter to keep up with our coming event schedule.

We've also been been busy researching and preparing to send media packets out to a number of publishers, we're excited to see their responses!

Thanks for your interest, we'll have more for you soon!