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About Us

Jonathan Jeweler, Artist, Writer, Design:

I feel that my art-works begin with ideas from my subconscious mostly, (day)dreams as well, but also contemporary and traditional styles of illustration, design, painting, printmaking, and animation contribute greatly.

In printing I utilize woodblock, lithography, screen-printing, and risograph printing methods. With the other art forms I mostly spend my time doing comic, media, and narrative illustration, and evolving styles of design, drawing, and painting, both analog and digital.

I take inspiration from alternative and underground comics, graphic novels, classic and postmodern literature,  Japanese art, manga and Ukiyo-e prints, medieval painting and printmaking, surrealist film, cyberpunk and sci-fi culture, along with simply this crazy world we've found ourselves in..

I also enjoy writing, especially for zines, comics, and graphic novels.

Check out my website at, and contact me directly at


Zachary Bookstein Partridge, Writer and Storyboards:

I'm an interdisciplinary artist who writes stories, jokes and music primarily. My instruments are drums, ukulele, piano and voice.  I make short experimental music videos with archive footage and have worked in and around music, manufacturing, construction, education, documentaries, oral histories and interior design over the years. 

Besides working on this graphic novel my time is spent making music and art, tutoring psychology and going to school with the intent of becoming a music/art therapist and helping veterans, domestic abuse survivors and children who have suffered violent trauma. is the best way to contact me.